DVD, cor e som, dimensões variáveis de projecção, 9'50"

Maria Lusitano
O Homem com Excesso de Memória, 2005
DVD, colour and sound, projection of variable dimensions, 9’50”

Throughout her work as a visual artist and experimental videomaker Maria Lusitano has explored consciousness and a search for truth through varied ways. That is the case of “A man with excessive memory”. The video is made with leftovers of images, clips of video, fragments of sound,  reflecting about the “superabundance” of images and stimuli of contemporaneity, and how this superabundance  affects memory. ” A man with excessive memory” addresses how  cutting through from the clutter of stuff, enables a breakthrough for something beyond the intellect, the field of empty consciousness. 

The  topic is addressed through the story of a man with hypermnesia (someone that has excess of memory)  that finds a way to cope with his condition by looking at an empty sky, that provides the space of relief for his excessive memories and an opening for the experience of consciousness as an empty canvas filled with potential meaning.