DVD, cor e som, dimensões variáveis de projeção

Maria Lusitano
Existir, 2005
DVD, colour and sound, projection of variable dimensions.

To exist is an installation consisting of 15 pen ball A3 drawings, a video-essay film, and the drawing room of a mathematician. Based on a true story, this video narrates a journey of a mathematician to Caramulo, a ruined sanatorium town, where 30 years ago he had  lived for about 2 years, seeking to cure himself of tuberculosis. While he drives around by car and observes the semi-deserted and run down Caramulo sanatorium town, which had formerly been the largest sanatorium town in Europe, the mathematician reflects upon life and death and time passing by, establishing connections with notions of geometry and design that are so dear to his heart. The story takes us on a kind of journey through various times (felt, lived) that interconnect with each other, evoking eternity or timeless time.