Dissonant Counterpoint, 2017-2019

Diana Policarpo
Dissonant Counterpoint, 2017-2019
1. The Spheres (Policarpo, 2017)
4-channel electroacoustic composition
Composition: Johanna Beyer, Diana Policarpo
Mastering: Brendan Feeney
Duration: 21’20’’(loop)

2. From Leipzig to the Bronx: Letters from
Beyer to Conwell (1935-41 )
+ Status Quo/Music of the Spheres:Opera Typescript (Beyer, 1938)
5-channel sound sculptures
Plexiglass, speakers, cable, filtered light
Spoken word: Emmy Beber
Duration: 12’54’’ (loop)
Dimensions: 40 x 8 x 40 cm