Catarina Dias

Catarina Dias lives and works in Lisbon.
A selection of her solo exhibitions includes: Digging for re in a long multilayered stream. Thoughts. Sounds. Sensations Movements melt together in such condensation transpiring its own taking place Here. Now. And elsewhere, Galeria Vera Cortês and Appleton Square
(Lisbon, 2015); Gradients (ongoing exhibition, 2015); Residual Share, Vera Cortês Art Agency (Lisbon, 2013); clone MYD, Espaço Avenida (Lisbon, 2011); MYSTIC DIVER, Black Pavillion at the Museum of the City of Lisbon (2010) and RESTO, Vera Cortês Art Agency (Lisbon, 2007).
Her work has been featured in group exhibitions in institutions and galleries such as: BREGAS (Lisbon, 2017), Ar Sólido (Lisbon, 2016), Módulo, (Lisbon, 2014); Parkour (Lisbon, 2013); EDP Foundation, Lisbon (2011 and 2009); 13, Avenida 211 (Lisbon, 2008); Interpress (Lisbon, 2005); R.K. Burt Gallery (London, 2004); former Nylon Gallery (London, 2003).
Cataria Dias received a research grant for Art Practice from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2006-2007) and was nalist for EDP Foundation New Artists Prize 2011.